There can be many reasons why a business or commercial property owner decides to sell their businesses. Often it is because of a predetermined exit strategy, although most often it is because of unforeseen circumstances. Whatever the reasons, the large and experienced team at Business Sales Australia knows how to sell a business and offer the very best in terms of a professional marketing platform to present the positive aspects of your business or commercial property. The team embraces the broad range of skills needed today when marketing a business or property. At Business Sales Australia we are experienced in all aspects of sales, marketing, mergers and acquisitions and capable of ensuring the best outcome for all parties when selling a business.

Time is money

Business Sales Australia is confident we will speed up the selling process, thus saving an owner a significant amount of time, money and frustration often associated with dealing in the vast amount of essential detail. The team at Business Sales Australia are one of the largest and most experienced in the industry. We understand the market. We regularly research business and commercial property sales results and allied statistics. Our brokers are responsive to the marketing needs of our clients. Our network is vast and our brokers are proactive, seeking the very best prices the market will allow. Our skills combine to achieve the maximum benefit in the shortest possible time for our clients who we sell businesses for.

We offer security and confidentiality

Business Sales Australia can market your property or business in the most confidential way possible. We routinely qualify prospective buyers so your employees, suppliers, customers and competitors do not become aware your business is on the market. After initial qualification buyers are required to sign a “Confidentiality Agreement” before sensitive information is disclosed. This agreement binds the prospective buyer, prohibiting them from disclosing proprietary information and other details of your business. Meetings are confidentially conducted either offsite or on the business site at convenient times agreed beforehand with the owner.


Business Sales Australia personnel realise many obstacles can compromise a deal when selling a business. We are specifically trained and have many years experience in the fine art of successful negotiation. Our business brokers are confident they can turn problems between Lawyers, Accountants, Finance Brokers, Banks, Landlords and buyers into creative and successful solutions. In our dealings with other parties we are mindful of keeping the clients’ interests paramount.

Consider these steps we can take together;

  1. Your Business Sales Australia broker will begin by establishing the objectives to be achieved. A plan of action is agreed once the objectives are clearly formulated.
  2. Prior to marketing any listed property or business a detailed profile on the listing is completed. The profile includes comment on the industry, details of the business, the financial details, plant and equipment list, particulars of leased or otherwise funded assets, lease details of the premises (where applicable) and also included is a summary of the area in which the property or business is located.
  3. A confidential marketing plan is agreed. Although targeted in media towards identified buyers the details of the business will be sufficiently general to ensure employees, suppliers, customers and competitors remain unaware your business is for sale. This helps to protect the goodwill, thus helping to maintain good market value.
  4. Advertisements are placed in accordance with the agreed plan. This normally includes our popular websites and the media deemed appropriate.
  5. Careful screening of prospective buyers helps to ensure that qualification is of a high standard.
  6. Meetings with potential buyers are arranged at the seller’s convenience and in the strictest confidence.
  7. Your broker is a skilled intermediary. He will agree with you the best way to proceed with the negotiation, keeping your interests in mind throughout all complex discussion stages with all parties, the formation of a contract and to completion of settlement.
  8. Business Sales Australia personnel are very aware of the complexities involved in arranging for the satisfactory sale of a business or property. It offers considerable support to its brokers to help ensure the sellers’ interests remain of paramount importance and that all parties receive professional consideration in their dealings with us.

In Summary

Consider these useful tips!

  • Keep your financials up to date, including debtors and creditors
  • Know your exit costs regarding staff entitlements, capital gains, pay out costs of equipment leases, etc.
  • Add to the goodwill by having trained staff in place that can contribute to the management of the business
  • Ensure systems and procedures are documented
  • Consider the timing of the sale relative to premises lease, your own exit plans, business prospects, etc.
  • Make sure the business has a neat and tidy appearance as visual presentation is important

Business Sales Australia offers our clients a professional range of services. Our many brokers have enjoyed a broad range of experiences both locally and internationally. Their skills are extensive, gained from operating at management level in large and medium enterprises. The skills are enhanced from owning and managing their own businesses. They have also enjoyed exceptional success as business brokers so know how to sell a business.

Your broker, ably supported by Business Sales Australia, will bring a combination of knowledge and experience to bear on the marketing process for your business or commercial property to ensure a successful sale.

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