Many buyers hope to realise the Australian dream of being their own boss. Purchasing a commercial property or business is a serious step, with numerous positive and possibly some negative implications. There are many steps in purchasing a property or business you should consider very carefully before you buy a business. Some prospective buyers are insufficiently skilled or experienced in this difficult and sometimes overwhelming arena. New businesses have an astoundingly high failure rate (as high as 85% in the first 5 years) whereas established businesses have a minimal failure rate in comparison and offer the best option for prospective owners.

Consider the following advantages when buying an existing business.

  • Actual operating results can be assessed
  • Customer purchasing patterns and market situations can be viewed historically
  • Cash flow can be assessed
  • Employees are trained and usually well known and accepted by customers, suppliers, etc
  • Supply lines are established and secure
  • Customers are established and you will have the benefit of prior advertising by word of mouth, media, etc
  • Operating licences and permits have been granted
  • The seller will help with training
  • Finance houses will be more inclined to grant loans for an established business
  • Forecasting budgets and growth strategy is made easier when based on history

Our brokers have the necessary knowledge and experience to know what makes a good business to buy. After all, our brokers have been at the coal face and have assisted to create many successful businesses. They are very aware of the great need to match the right skills to the right business. Our brokers get it right most often.

By understanding what makes the business successful one can be sure of not only maintaining profitability, but successfully growing the business in a planned way. Business Sales Australia’s brokers are skilled in identifying business opportunities in Australia and assisting a buyer identify the key success areas in a business. They can further assist a new owner to find the most acceptable way to actually make the business pay for itself.

Clearly a negotiation needs to be tactfully conducted if the best result is to be obtained for all participants. Business Sales Australia is conscious that for a negotiation to be successful all parties must achieve a win win situation.

Confidentiality is vital for all parties and all enquiries are dealt with in the strictest confidence. Business Sales Australia takes very seriously its responsibilities in this regard. Buyers are required to sign a “Confidentiality Agreement” before sensitive details can be furnished on listed properties or businesses. This signed agreement rewards a prospective buyer with access to sometimes personal and private seller/business information which the buyer agrees to use for the sole purpose of evaluating the benefits and risks of buying the property or business.

Business Sales Australia is confident that a prospective Buyer will receive the very best assistance when dealing with any one if its team of experienced brokers. We are proud of our experienced and successful team which has at its disposal every modern resource and utilizes the very latest in data processing and communication technologies in finding you a good business to buy.

We are very keen to assist you.