About Business Sales Australia

Business Sales Australia began operation in December of 2003. Our office boast vast experience in the fields of business and commercial sales. Our business brokers display high standards of professionalism, unique performance and exemplary client care.

Our business Brokers are ably supported by our administrator who has many years experience in accounting, finance, law, real estate, commercial property management and private enterprise.

A combined total of over 70 years business experience sets the organisation apart from its counterparts. Our business Brokers have successfully participated in many large and small business enterprises in their careers to date.

The experience and knowledge within the brokerage have evolved from the Brokers’ extensive experiences in business: from very large, to medium and small. Having owned businesses in their own right a Business Sales Australia broker have the capacity to guide you through the myriad of complex situations that can arise during the sales process.

Business Sales Australia is committed to providing a professional service to its clients. To this end high standards and well developed and continuing training regimes are in place. Furthermore, support of the highest level is assured with the latest office technologies being at the disposal of Brokers for the benefit of their clients.

The Brokerage has spent considerable time researching and developing a user friendly web site www.businesssalesaustralia.com. We believe the site is of a high standard, and will help to promote the sale of your business. It is also unique in the way it provides a guide for both sellers and buyers who are about to possibly make one of the biggest decisions in their life.

Business Sales Australia supports The Australian Institute of Business Brokers and the REIQ Business Brokers Chapter. We continue to maintain close links with other business brokerages both locally, nationally and internationally.

Selling businesses is not our only purpose. Business Sales Australia has increasingly involved itself with managing the partnering processes required for successful mergers. This is an increasingly important area and we are delighted to have Brokers with the necessary skill and experience to ensure successful outcomes. Their strong links to and vast experience in national and international corporations give the brokerage the capability to merge the interests of complimentary businesses, irrespective of where they may be located.

Our team of interactive business Brokers in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, with its broad range of experience, is your guarantee of a satisfying outcome in your dealings with us. So if you are wanting to sell your business in the whole of Queensland and New South Wales and we also have a licensed Broker for Western Australia.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your requirements in total confidence and privacy.

Gary Dutton (Principal Director)